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„tradtional meets urban dance“


15+22 Juni 2018


18-20h, Centro cultural Arraiá



The workshop shall view dance beyond form and draw on a recent trend in the Ugandan dance community encompassed under the umbrella of the phrase ‘traditional meets urban dance’. The workshop will act as a space where a fusion of popular African dance steps and urban dance styles such as hip-hop and dancehall will be explored; to try bridge the gaps between the two cultures while exploring how dance could create new youth communities and identities. During this investigation, the participants shall explore how Antonio’s community dance background guides his teaching and learning towards humane approaches. The sessions will include four sections: introduction, warm-up, practical learning, and Q & A.




For the fusion session, the class shall dance to afro house and upbeat African popular dance songs that could also be partially accompanied by live drums


Ugandan traditional dance


The idea is to give participants a Ugandan cultural journey as they learn various traditional dance techniques plus, their history and meaning. The dances shall be handpicked from different regions, in order to explore the diversity in dance rhythms, purpose and contexts of practice.




A traditional dance song shall be provided to the drum to duplicate for the traditional session


 Both works will give a feeling to freedom of expression by encouraging individual expression amongst the participants.


Be sure to learn dance movements, cultural narratives and, have lots of fun with guaranteed sweat.